Democratic Candidate For Georgia State Senate District 29

Dear Supporters,


I have witnessed first-hand the suffering of my fellow citizens in west central Georgia. I have watched the hard-working people of District 29 suffer in a sluggish economy. We need the kind of leadership in our community that will bring employment back to our region.

This region of Georgia holds a special place in my heart. For the past 5 years, I've served as President of the non-profit Friends of Roosevelt's Little White House in Warm Springs. In that position, I have been afforded the opportunity to work with business owners, professionals and officials in state and local government. I have developed hundreds of friendships in this part of Georgia. I’ve demonstrated a passionate dedication to the historic site, the City of Warm Springs and the Presidential Pathways travel region as a whole.

We can make Georgia better...

By working with extraordinary people across the region on a daily basis, I've seen many of my friends lose their careers due to budget cutbacks that took place under the gold dome. As a fiscally conservative individual, I believe there are solutions to boost the economy of this region without raising the cost of living here. How many of our tax dollars are going into the state coffers and never returning outside the cities in metropolitan Atlanta? How many times must we witness closures or sub-contracting of state facilities in our hometowns before we stand up and fight to bring those tax dollars back to our region? Why are our teachers forced to provide an education to our children without proper facilities and adequate supplies?

These problems continue as we witness the administrators of state departments working in Atlanta at full salaries. I've decided I can’t sit home and complain about the actions our government is taking. It’s time to throw my hat in the ring and work towards making a difference for the people who matter most to me. The state of our state is troubling to me, and I think the people of District 29 deserve representation that will be focused on bringing opportunity home to so many citizens who are desperately seeking it.

Working together...

For the past six years I’ve had the honor of calling Georgia my home. In that time I’ve spent countless days exploring our beautiful state and basking in its history, heritage and attractions. My zeal for exploration has always led me to my favorite part of our state. My favorite attractions, communities and cities are located here in west central Georgia. This is my home. It is your home. We each choose to be here every single day because we love it here. I believe we must work together to sustain the agriculture and industry that built our communities while providing more funding for tourism, which currently serves as Georgia's second largest industry.

Every corner of our uniquely beautiful District 29 deserves your State Senator’s attention; from the beauty of Callaway Gardens to the excitement of the longest urban whitewater course in Columbus, from the history of FDR’s Warm Springs to the recreation at West Point Lake, from the views afforded visitors at Dowdell’s Knob on Pine Mountain to the unique Manchester Train Watching Platform. For me, west central Georgia is a travel region not only entrenched in history, it maintains plans for an even brighter future. Tourism has been, and remains, an economic engine for our communities with the added bonus of nearby “Home of the Infantry,” Fort Benning. I'll fight to secure more funding for the promotion of the vast natural, cultural and historical resources of our state.

Supporting our Military...

As I draft this letter to you, I see our neighbors in Alabama offering greater income tax incentives and lower property taxes for retired and active duty military personnel to live in their communities. We must fight to get more of our tax dollars back from the state to be more affordable for those serving in our nation’s armed forces. We must continue to foster a relationship with the Wounded Warrior Project to re-develop and support the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute as a place for our wounded veterans to receive care.

A promise...

As your State Senator I would protect the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution and swear to uphold the Constitution of the State of Georgia. I promise to listen to the needs and desires of residents of the 29th Senate District. I promise to my friends, family and supporters I will work tirelessly to see this region and this State begin to grow again. I'll establish relationships to better our economy and to bring more jobs and better jobs to Harris, Meriwether, Muscogee and Troup Counties.

I'm always reminded that whatever political label a Georgian may claim today each of us live in a nation made better by our parents and grandparents. It's a dream for everyone in this state and these United States to make their community better for their children and grandchildren. I ask for your support as I begin this journey to provide a positive impact in the lives of all Georgians. Please stand with me as we begin this journey to re-focus our Georgia Senate’s attention on the economic and development issues that make a difference in the everyday lives of the citizens of Georgia.