Democratic Candidate For Georgia State Senate District 29

                   Veterans                                                   Teachers                                                 Businesses

Brian supports state tax                    Brian supports policies that will     Brian will work to pass          

amnesty for veterans and will        allow teachers to focus on                  legislation that creates an

work to form a dynamic                    teaching instead of endless               inviting environment to draw 

partnership between the Warm     paperwork.  Brian opposes                more tourists to our beautiful

Springs Institute and the                  Common Core and will work to       district.  Brian will work to

Wounded Warrior project,                find appropriate solutions to           bring more of our tax dollars

bringing jobs and visitors                 Georgia's educational crisis.            home to District 29, focusing

home to District 29.                            Brian will work to restore                  on improving our infrastructure

                                                                    adequate funding to Georgia's         and creating an atmosphere in

                                                                    school districts.                                      which businesses can flourish.


                   Families                                                     Farmers                                   EVERY Citizen of District 29

Brian will work to ensure that        Brian recognizes that agriculture   Brian believes that EVERY citizen

ALL families and citizens in             is a huge part of the economy         of District 29 deserves to be  

Georgia are respected, honored     of district 29 and the state of           represented equally.  Brian will

and treated equally.                            Georgia.  Brian will work                    continue to make himself 

                                                                    tirelessly to get farmers the               available to the citizens of 29 by

                                                                    support they need to keep                  being present in the communities

                                                                    Georgia grown produce the most     that he represents.  Brian will

                                                                    desirable in the nation.                       ALWAYS put the needs and

                                                                                                                                          priorities of the citizens of

                                                                                                                                          District 29 above all else.